Bookings & Pricing

Hire charges

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Please note: all bookings are provisional until confirmed by the booking clerk.

Conditions of Hire

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Notes for Hirers


Under NO circumstances are cars to be parked in the 3 Horseshoes Car Park, (the public house opposite the hall), unless you have previously asked for permission from the Landlord and this has been agreed by him.

Please ensure that all the people who are attending your booking are made aware of this.

Key code

This is changed on a monthly basis, please ensure you have the right code for the month you are hiring.  The Bookings Secretary will email the code before the event.


Please ensure you leave the hall in the condition it was found – and please remember that the time booked includes setting-up and clearing-up.

Thank you and I hope your event is very successful.

Sue Rodwell Smith
Bookings Secretary
07970 019509