Hire charges

Scale of Charges

Please note: time booked must include setting-up and clearing-up.

Main Hall & Hadley Room use includes basic use of kitchen, ie tea and coffee making facilities and/or microwave and dishwasher use.

1. Hire charges for 2023

Hall/Room use

(Includes basic use of Kitchen, i.e. Tea and Coffee Making Facilities and/or Microwave & Dishwasher Use)

Village/Charity/Youth Organisations for Classes and Clubs
Fundraising Bookings  – Per Event
 £25  £15
  £ per hour £ per hour
1 or more Bookings per week
£8 £5
Regular Users   £10 £6
Other Users £12 £7
Commercial Use
Regular Users £12 £8
Other Users £14 £10
Private Events
Daytime (up to 6pm) £15 £10
Evening (after 6pm) £20 £12


2. Kitchen use for 2023

– Full Cooking Facilities including Oven, Hob & Hot Cupboard

For the first 3 hours – £30
Every hour thereafter – £10
When used in conjunction with the Main Hall/Hadley Room – per event £30

3. Insurance for 2023

Commercial users MUST have their own insurance. Proof of insurance cover must be provided to the Management Committee.

4. Variation of charges for 2023

The Management Committee reserves the right to vary the above charges with three (3) months’ notice to current regular users and at any time for occasional use and/or when exceptional circumstances apply, e.g. a special service being provided for the village or persistent leaving on of appliances at the venue.